Mr. El Shoura is currently a Non-Executive Board member at Rameda, where he represents Ekuity B.V. He currently holds the role of Deputy Chief Investment Officer at Ekuity Holding, the investment arm of the Kuwait Investment Authority in Egypt (The Kuwaiti Sovereign Wealth Fund). He brings over 17 years of extensive experience in private equity, investment management, and has taken lead on multiple M&A transactions and turnarounds in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals sectors, tourism and hospitality, as well as the food and beverage space. Prior to joining Ekuity Holding, Mr. El Shoura held the position of Senior Vice President of Private Equity at Arab Moltaqa Investments (AMIC), the investment arm of Dallah Al-Baraka Group. Mr. El Shoura holds a bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Cairo University, in addition to several professional certificates in feasibility studies and M&As from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University and London Business School (LBS). He is currently pursuing his MBA from Edinburgh Business School at Heriot – Watt University.